Web Designing For Franchises – Evolution And Employment

Web Designing For Franchises – Evolution And Employment

web designing for franchises is the field concerned with the creation and maintenance of websites. It deals with the colours, themes, fonts, images and accessibility of the website. It encompasses various related fields like graphic designing, user experience design, user interface design, content writing, search engine optimisation etc. It covers the numerous processes that are necessary for the final design, web accessibility and usability of the website.

Evolution of Web Designing

Web designing is a relatively younger field. When the World Wide Web was initially created, it could only support text, with limited formatting. With the emergence of different web browsers in the late 1990s, there was a severe competition amongst the companies to create better, more creative and more interactive interfaces for their users.

Some early and major evolutions of this field were-

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

The basic standards for the tools and techniques that are used for web designing have been increasing and are continuously being ‘modernised’ as per the demands and necessity of the users and professionals. Today, these facilities are being adjusted for mobile layouts as well as the bigger screens simultaneously.


There is a plethora of occupational opportunities in this field in the 21st century. Depending upon the knowledge and experience of the designer, and the scale and size of the employing industry, the work and duties of the web designers wary.

  • Web designers are required the knowledge of mark-up languages like HTML and CSS.
  • Search Engine Optimisation writers need to know how to make their website more accessible.
  • Graphic designers work with the various visual elements of the website.
  • UX designers have to make the website as interactive and user friendly as possible.

These are only a handful of the job opportunities available in this field.With the rising increase in the amount of websites being created and needed on a daily basis, employment in this sector is bound to increase.


There are numerous institutes that provide professional training and education for aspiring web designers. But the good news is that most of the times, they are not the main requirement for employment. There are endless free tutorials available on the internet that teach web designing. In this field, employers too tend to see the work experience and capabilities of the potential employees, rather than their degrees.

Thus, all that is needed to learn and excel in web designing is determination, interest, passion and a good internet connection!