Information to get strong protection against Covid – 19

Information to get strong protection against Covid – 19

Pandemic diseases continue to shock our world, claiming the lives of thousands, if not millions, of people. These diseases and infections may have an impact on your body. The most recent information on COVID-19 in Hawaii outbreak has prompted our world to take extensive precautions to avoid and defeat the rogue virus. Some cases are reported to be far more severe than others. One major risk of the virus is that some carriers exhibit no symptoms but are just as contagious as those who do. Those who do not exhibit any symptoms are more likely to contribute to the person-to-person spread. Here are some techniques to follow to prevent you from the Covid 19.

Consume foods that promote infection prevention and immune system strength.

Choose vitamins and minerals-rich meals and supplements. Raw fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, and grass-fed/pasture-raised/wild-caught meat are all good options. Garlic, Elderberry, and Oregano Oil are all antibacterial agents. Making healthier food choices will help to remove germs and fight diseases.

Control Your Gut Health

Probiotics, such as Kimchi, can stimulate the neuro-receptors in your stomach. Colostrum is an excellent choice for boosting immunity through supplements. This will improve your mental clarity as well as the health of your body and digestive system. Incorporating probiotics into your diet can also help you avoid Leaky Gut Syndrome and Diarrhea caused by infectious agents.

Exercise to Boost Vitality

Physical activity supports healthy blood and the generation of natural killer cells. Natural Killer Cells (NPCs) are white blood cells that reject malignancies and viral infections. Choosing to exercise creates blood cells rather than fat cells, which has anti-aging advantages. On a molecular level, exercise governs a proactive body, enhancing healing powers and illness prevention.

Have a good sleep

Healthy sleeping habits as well as all the other subjects we have mentioned so far will minimize your chance of having heart disease, diabetes, and immune malfunction.

Warm-up and hydrate

Drinking fluids wash the virus into the stomach, where it dies in the stomach acid. It can travel from the windpipe into the lungs if you do not drink enough water. The virus will die faster as the body temperature rises. Always carry a bottle full of water with you wherever you go.