Keeping your make-up sponges and other tools clean is a must. The make-up, germs, and the natural oil will gather over it after some time and cleansing them will dispose of everything. You should make sure you use the proper technique when cleaning them and taking care of them. Each brush or tool needs a particular way of cleaning.

Make-up sponge

  • Use lukewarm water to wet your sponge.
  • Rub a bit of gentle soap or shampoo over your sponge using your fingers.
  • Wash your sponge until there is no more lather.
  • Use a neat towel to dry up your sponge then let it dry with natural air. You can use it as-is if you want to use a wet sponge.

Cleaning your sponge after using it a few times will keep it in a proper condition. It will also prevent any bacteria from gathering.


Make-up brushes

  • Wash the hair of your brushes. Put them under running water to prevent water from coming over the bottom of your make-up brush. It will destroy the gum and reduce the lifetime of your make-up brush.
  • Use milder shampoos like the baby ones to clean up your brush. Lather it and wash it off to remove the lather.
  • You have to sterilize your brushes after cleaning them. To do that, mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water in a bowl. Rustle the make-up brush inside the pot for about a couple of minutes. Make sure you do not plunge them. After that, wash them with clean water.
  • Make sure you reform the hair. Keep the brushes over a towel throughout the night to dry them off.

Metallic tools

  • It will also help if you also wiped your metallic tools, such as eyelash curlers, tweezers, and cuticle nippers. First, use an anti-bacterial liquid soap to rinse them.
  • Clean the tool with an alcohol saturated cotton ball after rinsing.
  • Leave the tool to dry before re-using it.

In all of this, it would help you really well that you can clean up your make-up and tools. Since brushes, sponges, eye pencils and other materials are applied on your skin on a day to day basis, it makes more sense if they are clean. This could help prevent any dirt build up that can cause skin conditions or worsen acne and all the while taking care of your skin too.. It is not that hard if one keeps his or her areas clean and the things that are to be used at a later date. Even the best make-up in San Bernardino can become patchy if used by dirty tools. Cleaning your make-up kits could help it last longer.